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Medical care


We provide medical care to patients in a medically underdeveloped region through the training of Malawian professionals. This way, the country's medical care can be improved in the future, independent of Western assistance.

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Training of Medical Professionals

We build local capacities to improve patient care in the fields of surgery and laboratory medicine:

We establish a surgical training center and implement an accredited surgeon training program.

We develop a training program for quality implementation in diagnostic laboratories and blood banks, and expand the range of laboratory diagnostic services.

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Community Training

We train communities to meet the needs and challenges of their society independently of outside help.



we strongly invest in:


Capacity development through identification and mobilization of local skills and resources

Overcoming of poverty promoting worldviews

Qualification of multipliers

to see:

People empowered to think for themselves as agents of change

Ownership and autonomy for people living in poverty

development initiatives to be community-owned, not led or controlled by an NGO

Our approach focuses to see poverty- affected people becoming independent and breaking the traditional role of western donors and African recipients. This is very important to us, as we have seen repeatedly, that the western approach of  providing resources (ideally or materially or financially) reinforces the paralyzing feeling of powerlessness, dependency and the conviction that the poverty- affected people cannot improve their situation on their own.

Our approach therefore focuses on identifying and breaking these thought patterns. We want to ensure that the initiative and competence for change comes from the affected people themselves, and not from a western organization.

We gratefully see that the participants of our training rediscover their potential, and find solutions to problems that we cannot even see. Retrospective, the participants say: "We did it all on our own, actMED actually didn't do anything ... now we might change any of our concerns, because we can!"

This is how we avoid dependencies and disappear to the background. This is pretty much the opposite of how organization are usually built. We try to avoid what we have identified as poverty-promoting in development aid, and we really want to take our Christian faith seriously, that says: Not your own influence, but service should be your hallmark. Therefore, instead of  building our organization big, we work to expand the capacity of others.



Dr. Eva Vaylann

Executive Director

holds a Doctorate in biochemistry and molecular medicine. Originally, she worked in the fields of metabolomics and protein research.  She is the program director and founder of the laboratory medicine training program that focuses on the implementation of international standards for medical  laboratories in Malawi. Jens Vaylann

(Assistant Prof. of Surgery (Loma Linde University, California, USA)
Executive Director
is trained as a general surgeon and heads the surgical department and is the program director of the surgical training program at Nkhoma Hospital, Malawi.


Rev. Walter Rutto

Director Community Training Kenya

is our academic director of the community training program in Kenya. He is the founder of our partner- organization Transformational Compassion Network, and has received the Tearfund USA Inspiring people- Award in 2013 and 2016 for his outstanding work.


Winny Chemutai Koech

Winny Chemutai

Community Training Kenya

is a social worker and our regional leader of the community training program in Kenya.

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Alexander Staudacher

Board of Directors and Managing Director

works as a controller and is committed to the FeG Bonn. He is responsible for our finances.

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Alexander Euler

Church Training Germany

is a media designer and leader of our church training course  "Reality Check" in Germany.

Stephen Mosheni 

Community Training Kenya trained as a health worker, he is now a passionate trainer of our community training program in Kenya and beyond.

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Jose Luis Rodrigues

Community Training Mozambique

leads the community training program and is the director of the orphanage and children's ministry in Mozambique.

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Gilbert Harry

Community Training Malawi

is an IT specialist and youth pastor. He leads our youth training program in Malawi.

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Johan Malte Unteutsch


works as a production manager and is responsible for the storage and transport of medical donations in kind to Malawi.

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Chikonzero Likhoozi 

Community Training Malawi

has a BSc. in Economics and engages in our community training program in Malawi.

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Ellen Gondwe

Head of Community Center Malawi

is the principal and co- founder of Nkhoma Mountain View Academy, a private school dedicated to provide education to disadvantaged children, and co- heads our community center in Malawi.

(Nkhoma Mountain View

Innocent Gondwe_edited.jpg

Innocent Gondwe

Head of Community Center Malawi

is the principal and co- founder of Nkhoma Mountain View Academy and co- heads our community center in Malawi.

(Nkhoma Mountain view

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