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Partnership in Medical care, Education and church-based community transformation in Africa

Building local capacity to improve patient care in the fields of surgery and laboratory medicine in Malawi,


community development training in Mozambique, Kenya and Malawi

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Malawi's health indicators are among the worst in the world, with the Malawian healthcare system ranking 185th out of 190 countries according to the WHO.

To ensure a sustainable, comprehensive, and equitable healthcare system in Malawi, urgent measures such as expanding education and improving diagnostic capacities are needed. It is crucial that high-quality medical care is made accessible to all individuals, particularly the most disadvantaged populations.


      We are actively involved in establishing a national medical care network, which includes:

5 hospitals

34 medical clinics

     We implement training programs in surgery and laboratory medicine to catalyze the development of the centrally located Nkhoma Hospital into a teaching hospital.

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Critical value added by a medical network and a teaching hospital:

Implementation of quality standards Economy of scale (Improved resource utilization = lower cost)

Equity – means of access to quality medical care for even the poorest

Building local capacities: Graduates of the training programs become multipliers in the hospitals of the  network and thus address the enormous shortage of experts and medical care - independent of western help.

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Our partners and supporters


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